iOS Controller Buyer’s Guide 2022: Backbone One, Razer Kishi V2, DualSense, Xbox Series, Joy-Cons, and More

With Netflix really having an excellent lineup of video games on its subscription service, Apple Arcade additionally has some on the gaming subscription front for the first time. Over the last few years, the controller guides I’ve done have mostly focused on the console controllers since I didn’t have entry to the newer and good MFi controllers. For this one, I’ve tried to be as thorogh as potential with the inclusing of the Backbone One PlayStation Edition and the newly-released Razer Kishi V2 for my comparisons. While many people probably have already got a controller from a console or from enjoying on PC, I wished to assist those who don’t discover the best one for their very own use case to play on iOS and iPadOS with so many choices available now. If you’re interested in last-generation console controllers on cellular, read my earlier information.

Which is the best controller to buy for iPhone

There are two approaches here. If you want to get a clip to play with your telephone hooked up to a traditional console controller, skip to the iPad controller beneath and there’s your reply. If you need one for taking part in on iPhone particularly, I’d recommend getting the Backbone One (PlayStation Edition should you choose the aesthetic) or the Razer Kishi V2. I really have full reviews of both of them additionally up, but you want to grab the Razer Kishi V2 if you’d like to use it together with your iPhone in a case. If you don’t care about that, the Backbone One is my advice proper now given the similar worth point internationally. Read my full reviews of the Razer Kishi V2 and Backbone One PlayStation Edition. I also compared them each.

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Which is one of the best controller to buy for iPad

While iPadOS sixteen isn’t out but, the reply will not change as a end result of I is not going to advocate buying a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or Joy-Cons just for playing video games on iPad. If you don’t personal a console and simply want one of the best controller available for simply iPad games, the one for you is the brand new Xbox Series X|S controller. When I did my older, I recommended the Xbox One S controller however the current Xbox Series X|S controller is an enormous step up in some important places like the share button for captures, better in-hand feel, and more. The upgraded d-pad, improved triggers, and textured grip all add as a lot as make the Xbox Series X|S controller nicely value it and the most effective controller for iPad.

Barring my basic recommendations, your private wants for the controller beyond simply iOS video games and Apple Arcade will affect the controller you want.

If you own a PS5 and need to use

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Is it price shopping for a PS5 controller should you already own a PS4 controller for iOS

As of now, the one reason it will be price shopping for the costlier PS5 controller to exchange your existing PS4 controller is the controller hardware. I prefer the in-hand really feel of the controller and the buttons. I additionally like that I can charge the DualSense controller with the same wire I use to charge my iPad Pro from the iPad’s USB C port. Overall, I wouldn’t pay full value to improve to a PS5 controller from the PS4 one for simply iOS gameplay, however if you are shopping for one, I can’t recommend a PS4 controller anymore with how good the PS5 DualSense controller is.

Which controller to buy on iOS if you wish to use

If you play games by way of Steam on your PC, you probably already have an Xbox controller. If you need to buy a brand new one for iOS 16, you’re higher off shopping for an Xbox Series X|S controller or sticking to your current Xbox One controller. This ensures the button prompts in video games are the same for you on each PC and iOS. The Xbox Series X|S controller improvements and enhancements over the Xbox One controller make it value buying when you don’t already personal one because the share button works to take screenshots and report video on trendy iOS variations as properly.

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Which is the most effective iOS controller for ?

The greatest controller on this situation is also the Xbox Series X|S controller because it natively works for Xbox One, Xbox 360 (backward compatibility), unique Xbox (backward compatibility), and Xbox Series X|S video games on not just the hardware but now on iOS and iPadOS.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 for iOS

While I usually have featured the Elite controllers earlier than and adore my original Elite V1 from the Xbox One days, I can’t suggest investing in the new one with what number of issues the controllers have. Microsoft needs to step up the standard controller on these expensive controllers. Until then, I can’t recommend them. I know too many people who have had to exchange theirs greater than as soon as in a year.

Which Xbox controller to buy for iOS in 2022

Right now, the Xbox Series X|S controller is out there in a few colors however there’s no functional distinction. The Xbox One controller on the other hand, has a ton of color variants with some having a textured grip. The total best Xbox controller to buy on iOS in 2021 is any of the Xbox Series X|S controllers. Go with whichever colour you want the most. I love the blue controllers Microsoft makes use of so I obtained the Shock Blue Xbox controller some time in the past and still use it today on my Xbox Series X. All the Xbox Series X|S controllers denoted as the “Xbox Wireless Controller” (look for the share button on the packaging) have the same options. Some of them ship with a USB C cable while others don’t so examine on that if it is important to you. Consider getting a clip for the controller if you’re gonna play on iPhone like the MOGA officially licensed Xbox grip.

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Which PlayStation controller to buy for iOS in 2022

Two years into the model new PS5 and Xbox Series console generation means significantly better availability of the newer controllers. While I used to suggest a cheaper DualShock 4 before, the PS5 controllers get discounted fairly often, and we’ve seen some games even add in DualSense-specific options like. The $10 enhance in RRP over the PS4 controller could be negated with discounts and the likes, and I’d actually recommend future proofing with the PS5 controller if you can buy it. Being able to charge with the same wire you use on iPad is definitely a bonus. I additionally suggest the newer Midnight Black edition. I love the means it looks.

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Should I buy an MFi Controller for iOS in 2022?

PS5 vs Xbox controller for iOS

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller on iOS sixteen and iPadOS

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PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller battery life on iOS

The PS5 DualSense controllers have an inner battery that costs by way of a cable. You can connect your DualSense controller to your iPad Pro USB C port and cost it as properly. If you don’t need to use a wire, you could get charging stands for it however you principally need to charge it and the battery life is pretty unhealthy general compared to the competitors.

The Xbox Series X|S controllers don’t have an internal battery and require two AA batteries. This lasts multiple instances longer than the DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers but you still need external batteries. You can use rechargeable batteries or get a play and charge package (with USB C) from Amazon however you’re better off just shopping for AA batteries or rechargeable ones and replacing them when it loses cost as a result of that ends up being much cheaper general albeit extra inconvenient.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has one of the best battery life out of all current controllers in my testing, and it charges by way of USB C identical to the PS5 controller.

The Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PS5 controllers show up underneath the battery widget on iOS and iPadOS. I personal the Play and Charge USB C package that lets me use the rechargeable battery pack within the controller and deal with it like an inside battery but it didn’t show me a charging indicator once I used the USB C cable and plugged it into the controller with the opposite side on my iPad Pro. The DualSense and Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers do show charging standing via the widget though. This is a small thing price considering.

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8BitDo Pro 2 for iPad and iPhone – is it price getting?

While not formally marketed, should you set your 8BitDo Pro 2 to “A” on the underside through the slider that has four options with S being Switch, X being Windows, etc. It will show up as a DualShocke four controller when set to A, and it works flawlessly on iPadOS 15.7 on my iPad Pro right now in Apple Arcade and regular video games. This is my present favorite controller to be used with Switch and Windows, and having it work on iOS and iPadOS is an enormous bonus.

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