Common Problems Faced With Repair of iPhones

iPhone repair is the most difficult thing in the world. If you have bought a DIY iPhone repair kit, it is not common to face some issues during the process of repair. These are normally easily corrected or avoided with the proper instructions and right tools. If you not yet started with the process, it is better to read this post to know the most common issues that arise sometimes so that you can avoid them completely.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind while doing DIY repair on your iPhone is buying good quality repair parts. Make sure to buy a kit from a reliable source with assured parts. Using the parts which are not assured will result in more problems with your phone in the long run. Reliable shops will supply you with a complete kit of repair which includes the best parts, tools, customer service, and detailed instructions in case you face any problems.

Some of the most common repair issues in iPhone are:

Antena issue is very common. If you complete the process of repairing your phone only to find out that your phone has no signal, it could be problem with antenna. Sometimes when the antenna is disconnected the metal near the antenna connection can get bent. You can use a nylon spudger to round out the metal gently before trying to connect the antenna once again. While reconnecting the antenna few thing that you should keep in mind are:Continue reading