An emergency medical device to stop catastrophic hemorrhage

Zimmer Tourniquet is a very handy device that is used to stop the abnormal flow of blood. Zimmer Tourniquet is a cuff-like device, it is one of the types, and there are so many other types as well. The use of Zimmer Tourniquet is very common when it comes to preventing traumatic bleeding.

In most hospitals, it is a common practice to make use of Zimmer Tourniquet during or before transport to a care facility. The use of Zimmer Tourniquet is even growing from day to day, making the product an indispensable need during surgical procedures as well as medical examinations to help improve precision, safety & speed.

Saving the patient’s life

A variety of tourniquets is out there, making it hard to opt for the right one.  A portion of extremity with the possible threats of venous and arterial blood flow can be controlled by this compressing and constricting device, without a doubt – to save the patient’s life.

The medical staff uses the device, according to the type, to occlude all underneath blood vessels by tightening them proximal to the trauma area around the limb. So, without a doubt, Zimmer Tourniquet is a very useful device with the facts that have so far been stated. Let’s learn more!Continue reading